About DedKode

Devon Collier is three things - he is the famous white hat "hacktivist" known as DedKode, he is foul-mouthed & opinionated and most recently, he is a cursed young man, killed and resurrected as a zombie with a will of his own. After discovering a menacing dark presence on the World Wide Web, DedKode and his team search for an answer to stop the force known as "Spook.Net." Along their way, DedKode, James Palladino and the Kanapilly sisters help whomever they can from the supernatural dangers hiding behind technological trappings.

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About DedKode - CONNECTED

In FIVE years, humanity falls.  Not to war.  Not to shadow governments or digital currency. It falls in blood and bone.It falls to claws, jaws and hunger - an endless hunger.   The last few cities are torn, bitten and ripped apart by hordes of the undead known as the Connected.  Present day, DedKode and his team must face a future that not only appears to be horrifically inevitable but also directly related to Collier himself.  When an impossible stranger arrives from the future, everything Devon believes to be true is turned upside down.  He will have to ask himself terrifying questions that lead to not only a nightmarish future but reach back to a horrific past.DedKode - CONNECTED.

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DEDKODE "GHOST IMAGING" - When DedKode meets Mari, an amnesiac young woman with a love of butterflies, he struggles to help her discover her past & who murdered her??? HAS MATURE LANGUAGE & SITUATIONS.

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DEDKODE "C2C" - While investigating unusual disappearances , DedKode and his team encounter a mysterious & possibly deadly cam model. HAS MATURE LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE & SEXUAL SITUATIONS. FOR MATURE READERS ONLY.

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